Neuro-musculaire analysis

Many patients have, without necessarily realizing it, disorders of the face and neck. These disorders can come from different origins. We know there is a balance between 3 entities: the teeth, the muscles and the jaw joints. This triangulation is essential. When a problem arises in one of these parameters: the whole system is out of balance.

The consequences can be felt:

  • In the muscles, tension, pain, fatigue and altered sensation.
  • In the joints, clicking, inability to open or close the mouth...
  • In the teeth, squeaks / clicks, wear (unsightly), broken restorations in the mouth, sensitivities, dental pain, gum problems…
  • Repercussion in the head or the neck: ringing in the ears, pain behind the eyes even migraines.

But they can also go unnoticed: slight wearing, clenching of teeth without chattering, no feeling of tension in the muscles…

The neuro muscular pain is often misdiagnosed. They are often the cause of intense migraines. Whether the consequences are felt or not, it is important to detect them early enough. The more advanced the phenomena, the more the treatment solutions will be limited and the symptoms will be difficult to reduce. When an imbalance sets in, it results in a change in the position of your lower jaw (adjustment position that your body sets up in an attempt to counteract the problem).

Thanks to a high-tech examination, called neuromuscular recording, we can identify if a dysfunction exists. Indeed, it allows us to identify the ideal position of your lower jaw, so as to find the balance teeth - muscles - joint. The examination therefore allows us to identify the difference between your usual position and the ideal position for your muscles.

Following this analysis, we can study with our dental technician an adapted treatment plan.

In some cases of tooth wear or muscle pain, it will be necessary to make a gutter. We can create one in this ideal position. This will make you feel better all day long! Reduction of pain, tension, and especially protection of your teeth (and possible restorations present in the mouth).

In some severe cases, it will be necessary to change the volume of your teeth. We can thus, if you wish, improve the aesthetics of your smile.