Immediate start up

Why immediate charging?

Since the beginning of time a large constraint to implantations was time.

Indeed, Professor Branemark defined in 1965 the timing of bony healing (Period from placing the implant to placing the prosthesis) taking between 3 & 6 months. This delay brings multiple inconveniences and may sometimes contraindicate the implant solution although again, it is often the solution of choice.

How does it work?

For more than 10 years, researchers and clinicians have been working to find out if it was possible to reduce the healing time. It has been shown that some conditions did not require waiting months to place the implants.

An implant with very good stability in the bone can sometimes receive an immediate implant.

To understand how and why it works, it is interesting to review an example in another medical discipline.

If you have a fracture in your forearm, the surgeon places pins and plasters your arm. From this moment you are advised to not carry anything heavy and not undertake an sports that could cause bony fragments to move. However if you are agile you can write, use your arm, get dressed etc.

You can do all these gestures because the stress transmitted to your healing bone is very low compared to the mechanical stability induced by the plaster and the pins.

It is on the basis of this principle that we can explain the possibility of immediate activation with the implants. If the mechanical stability of the implants is very good from the moment they are placed, it is possible to immediately place crowns on it provided that there is no contact with the teeth of the other jaw.

What are the indications?

We must consider the big indication categories:

  • There are few teeth missing:

    When there are only a few teeth missing, (1 to 3) and the bone is dense enough to place implants with good stability, it is sometimes possible to immediately place a crown or a temporary bridge under occlusion, without contact with the teeth of the other jaw. After a period of 4 to 6 months, the permanent crown or bridge can be placed.

    fonction immediate

    Patient having lost all their teeth in a car accident. Two implants where placed after a short healing time for the traumatised area. Two temporary resin crowns are placed the day of the intervention (seen in clinic after 6 weeks).

  • All teeth are missing:

    When there is enough bone to place sufficient implants (4 to 6 in the lower jaw & 6 to 8 in the upper jaw) it is possible to immediately place a temporary resin bridge.

What are the contraindications :

It is not possible to make protocols for immediate activation or loading in patients who:

  • Have poor bone density which the scanner shows.
  • Don’t have enough bone, the panoramic xray can follow and discover this.
  • Have poor healing bone, (15/day smokers, badly controlled diabetics, patients who have undergone radiotherapy.
  • Have inappropriate hygiene…
  • ...

What are the precautious to take?

  1. It is important to have very good hygiene in the first weeks that follow the implants.
  2. It is very important to avoid biting on hard foods with the crown or the temporary bridge for at least a couple of months after the implants have been placed.
  3. You must be available and must not hesitate to contact the treating team with any concerns or pain.