The history of our dental practice

I am delighted to welcome you into my Mona Lisa dental surgery to accompany you towards the resolution of your dental problematics.

First things first, let me introduce myself:

My name is Salomé Diener, originally from the French side of the three border area formed by France, Switzerland and Germany. I spent a lot of my adolescent years in Switzerland. Discovering the streets of Basel, skiing in the amazing Swiss Alps, discovering the lacs and mountains during long hikes; these are just a few of my many activities that have fuelled my love for this country.

Departed to Belgium after my French Baccalauréat (graduating from high school), I naturally came back to Switzerland to start my career and in the same time pursue a family passion. At the age of 18, I worked in my father’s dental surgery during the summer, dentist himself in Saint-Louis, France, for many ears already; this experience was my revelation, I had found my calling.

Since then I have not stopped improving my skills, in university and alongside renowned practitioners, in order to add more strings to my bow.

From general practice, I wish to specialize into treatment for dental wear and aesthetics in order to support and help my patients regain their self-confidence. Reliable, hard-working and trustworthy person, I am passionate about horse-riding, on top of playing the piano since I was young. These activities have taught me the values of respect, empathy and duty.

Medical secrecy is deeply imbedded into my practice of dental care, and I endeavour to create a privileged relationship with each of my patients, where trust, discretion and respect are the guiding principles.