The history of our dental practice

I am delighted to welcome you to the Mona Lisa dental practice and help you solve your dental problems.

Let us get aquainted

My name is Salomé Diener, and I am originally from the French region of the tri-border (Switzerland, France, Germany).

I spent a great part of my teenage years in Switzerland. Wandering the streets of Basel, skiing in the magnificent Swiss mountains, discovering lakes and mountains during long hikes, are just some of the activities that have always fuelled my interest in this beautiful country.

Hardworking, reliable and serious, I am passionate about horse riding and have been playing the piano since my childhood. These activities have taught me a sense of duty, respect and empathy, all of which are fundamental elements of my personality and which I wish to apply on a daily basis in my practice.

Background & Commitment

I left for Belgium after obtaining my scientific diploma and naturally returned to Switzerland to practice my profession and to pursue a family passion.

Since then, I have never stopped training and perfecting my skills, both at university and with renowned practitioners, in order to continuously improve my skills. From general practice, I specialise in the treatment of dental and aesthetic wear, in order to help my patients, regain their self-confidence.

Medical confidentiality is deeply rooted in my dental practice, and I want to create a privileged relationship with each of my patients, where trust, confidentiality and respect are the key words.