Commitment to quality

We are committed to providing you with an exemplary high quality treatment plan that meets current health standards and respects your well-being. Our commitments are detailed in a charter, which you will receive in person at the time your treatment plan is drawn up.


  • Our medical equipment, dental implants and all the elements used to carry out your examination or care are entirely aseptic.
  • We only use single-use or sterilised instruments in strict compliance with the health standards in force.
  • We are committed to using only certified equipment and products that have exemplary traceability.


  • We strive to offer you a relationship based on trust with your doctor, founded on the strictest respect for medical confidentiality, whatever the circumstances.
  • We honour your informed consent by drawing up a precise estimate, informing you of the smallest details of the care and treatment recommended.
  • We take into consideration your apprehensions and sources of anxiety: we are committed to providing you with comfort and support throughout your treatment.


  • All members of our team undergo regular training to adapt to new protocols and technologies.
  • If necessary, we are committed to referring you to trusted practitioners.
  • We are always available in case of dental emergencies, in order to offer you a rapid response.
  • Our commitment is to remain free of any conflict of interest with our suppliers, to guarantee our independence.

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