Dr Salomé Diener and her team

Photo de Salomé Diener

Dr. Salomé DIENER Dentist

Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Liège.

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Photo du docteur Frédéric DIENER

Dr. Frédéric DIENER Dental surgeon

Dr. Frédéric DIENER graduated from the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Strasbourg.

He also has a Implantology diploma from the Hôpitaux de Paris and a Mastership in Dental Implantology Clinical Surgery and Prosthetics from New York University.

His expertise is oriented towards implantology, prosthesis and cosmetics.

Photo de Vesna Bühler

Vesna BÜHLER Certified dental assistants

Photo de Mme Frédérique Diener

Frédérique DIENER Accounting