Treatment procedure

The pre implant assessment

This is the an essential step that is required in order to establish the treatment that will be best suited to you.

This assessement can include:

  • A completed medical questionnaire
  • Xrays taken in the surgery or at radiologists (Scanner)
  • Castings
  • A study of the state of your skin, gums and bones…

This enables us to define if:

  • The overall health status allows for the placement of implants to be agreed
  • Which prosthesis should be undertaken
  • The number of implants required to develop the prosthesis
  • The amount of bony matter available to receive the implants
  • The time the treatment will take
  • The quote for the treatment

Once we have fully studied the results obtained from your pre assessment, we will present you with an appropriate treatment plan.

The treatment plan will come with the quote that will have been calculated depending on your needs. We will aim to always find the solution the best suited to your overall health and also you financial position. Once we have your written agreement we will start your treatment procedure.

The treatment steps

The intervention is usually in a single event. This means that we place the healing abutment at the same time as the implant.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as for a usual treatment. But, we can decide that it would be more appropriate to do this in two steps as in your case.

The gum covers the implant during the healing phase that lasts between 3 & 6 months. At the end of this period, the healing is targeted on the implant to all the development of the gums. This intervention is carried out under local anesthetic.

The healing

The length of healing depends on the density and quality of your bone and also the site of the implant.

The delay can be between 2 & 6 months.

However if conditions are favourable, we can reduce this period, in order to immediately load your implant with a fixed temporary prosthesis. We will then discuss an immediate loading.

The realisation of the prosthesis

The Crown on the implant:

  • We make the imprint of the final prosthesis
  • Specialised laboratory manufacture the crown
  • The prosthesis is applied in position.