Our dental office equipment

Doctor Diener's dental practice in Bern is equipped with the most advanced dental surgery equipment in terms of technology and reliability. This state-of-the-art equipment enables us to offer you the best care, under optimal conditions.

Our tools

We are particularly attentive to the hygiene and sterilisation of our equipment, in order to protect you against the transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Our equipment includes two categories of instruments:

  • Non-disposable instruments (mirrors, tweezers, spatulas, etc.) which are decontaminated and rigorously sterilised (disinfection autoclave at 132°C);
  • Single-use instruments (gloves, masks, needles, etc.) are packaged in sterile packaging and are discarded immediately after use.

We systematically issue a certificate of traceability for all prosthetic work and all implants. In addition, we carry out function tests for all our sterilisation procedures. An individual traceability label allows us to follow and trace all our surgical instruments.

Our high-tech equipment

We use state-of-the-art X-ray equipment in order to obtain the most accurate diagnosis and to perform our surgical treatments in complete safety.

This allows us to take panoramic and 2D x-rays of the teeth, but also 3D scans, allowing us to virtually navigate your mouth.

A 3D scanner is a laboratory technology that allows us to achieve a level of precision that has never been achieved before. Indeed, it uses the latest technologies for 3D impressions and the processing of the most modern materials.

Additionally, our dental technicians master all the Cad-Cam techniques that allow them to design your future restorations on computer (partially or entirely). They can then transfer these files via the internet in order to have them manufactured remotely by dedicated professional machines.

Intraoral camera: This camera is used to stain the bacterial flora as well as the cavities. It allows us to see precisely where plaque can accumulate and to give you advice on how to optimise your daily brushing

Optical camera: This camera is capable of filming the inside of the mouth and recording all the information in it, to make dental impressions on a computer. This is a modern method of replacing the traditional menthol paste. Impressions can therefore be made digitally, for greater accuracy.

To optimise the precision of your oral treatments, we use Zeiss microscopes and optical aids. This equipment is essential in endodontics as it allows us to carry out particularly difficult and delicate treatments (removing fractured instruments from canals, treating additional canals or atypical root anatomies, etc.).

The milling machine is a piece of equipment in the laboratory of our dental technician, which allows to create pieces (inlays or crowns for example) from ceramic blocks. The milling machine is an extremely precise device, which is able to create components in perfect adequacy with the patient's data collected by our scanners and x-rays.

Computer-guided surgery is a way of performing dental surgery while being assisted by intelligent technology. It is capable of guiding your dentist's movements to achieve a high-quality implant placement. Thanks to guided surgery, it is then possible to carry out an extremely precise placement of dental implants, the modalities of which have been previously dictated to the computer by your dentist according to your anatomical and aesthetic constraints.

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