Our dental office equipment

Dr. Frédéric DIENER's dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments to provide patients with the best possible care.

3D Radiography

This high-technology device is nowadays a must to enhance diagnosis precision and to allow us to perform surgical procedures in complete safety.

Équipements du cabinet

Oral camera

Hi-tech intra oral cameras are able to color bacterial flora as well as dental decays in order to pinpoint early dental diseases. They also allow to visualize hidden plaque in your mouth in order to optimize your brushing technic.

Visual help optics and microscope

The use of microscope and visual help optics allow us to increase treatments precision. For instance : in endodontics procedures, these tools make former difficult procedures like removing old broken instruments in dental canals to be performed easily and safely. The finding and handling of secondary canals or teeth roots atypical anatomy are now routinely done.

3D Scanner

With this new tool, you can benefit from the latest 3D printing technologies and from the most modern reconstruction materials with a never reached level of precision. Our laboratory masters perfectly the Cad-Cam technics which allow you to visualize before hand the design and the look of your future prosthesis on the computer screen. Internet file transfer and the use of special dedicated tooling machines speeds-up the manufacturing process.


In our practice, all prosthesis are subject to traceability certificates, each implant has its own, the whole sterilization process is carefully checked and thoroughly tested. Each surgical instrument has also its own labelling for efficient traceability

The equipment in video

3D Scanner

Milling machine

3D Radiography