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Consulting us is a wise decision!
Your teeth are precious! You will want to keep them healthy, good-looking and strong for many years to come, and you can count on us to help you.

We can give advice about food, brushing techniques, additional cleansing (floss and interdental brushes), etc.
As a preventive measure, we will inspect your teeth for cavities, gum disease and wear, and we will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. After gentle and painless ultra-sound cleaning, all dental surfaces will be meticulously polished, limiting the adhesion of plaque and leaving you with pleasantly smooth-feeling teeth.

1. Health


It is especially important to monitor the health of your teeth if you have diabetes. Bacteria infecting the gums and teeth can enter the bloodstream and aggravate the imbalance caused by your diabetes. Imbalances associated with diabetes also increase the risk of teeth loosening (periodontal disease).

Cardiovascular diseases

Studies have shown that periodontal disease (tooth loosening) leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular accidents (heart attacks, strokes).
If you have had valve surgery, a dental infection can cause infectious endocarditis. Regular dental follow-up is crucial.

Periodontal disease (periodontitis)

Periodontitis (tooth loosening) is a chronic disease caused by bacteria. Treatment involves two phases: an initial treatment (which lasts until your condition is stabilized) and maintenance (regular follow-ups with thorough cleaning every 3 to 6 months). The maintenance phase is a lifelong process. If you suffer from periodontitis, an effective brushing technique is essential. We can help you to choose techniques that are suitable for you.

2. Prevention


It is particularly important to take care of one's teeth during pregnancy. Hormonal changes cause gum bleeding. Discomforts such as nausea, vomiting and reflux cause acidity and weaken the enamel. Cravings increase the risk of cavities.


Healthy habits should begin very early! You can consult us with children from one year of age, or once they have cut their first teeth. We will answer all your questions. We will give older children attractive information suited to their age group, together with explanations about how to brush their teeth. Mouth cleaning in our surgery can begin as soon as you child feels confident enough (usually around 4 or 5 years of age). Furrows can be sealed to prevent dental caries.


Tobacco is one of the main risk factors for developing periodontal disease (tooth loosening) and smoking will reduce the chances of successful periodontal treatment. Smoking can also cause discoloured teeth and bad breath, affect your sense of taste and even cause mouth cancer. If you smoke, careful brushing and regular check-ups are a must.


During orthodontic treatment with braces and brackets (small metal squares glued to the teeth), brushing is more difficult and requires particular care. Incomplete removal of plaque in the vicinity of brackets increases the risk of cavities and can lead to demineralization of the enamel, causing visible stains when the appliance is removed. Regular professional monitoring and cleaning is highly recommended.